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David Cheng
Executive and Management Coaching


In a Manchester study of one hundred executives who had completed coaching: "The average return on investment [ROI] was nearly 5.7 times the initial investment."
Training, May 2004

The typical coaching experience

The coaching you and I will do usually consists of a weekly meeting lasting forty minutes. We’ll talk about where you are in work and in life. I’ll ask questions to help both of us figure out how to get you to where you want to be. We’ll also talk about the progress you’ve made since our last meeting. 

If it sounds simple, well… that’s because it is. But it can also be quite powerful. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish when you have a coach helping you harness your energy, helping you keep your focus, and holding you accountable for reaching your goals.

What if you're not located in the Albany, New York area?

No problem! Most coaching is done by telephone. Fewer than half my clients are local. As long as we can work out the time zone differences, distance is not a factor.

If you prefer meeting in person, I’m definitely open to that too. Let’s discuss how we can make that happen.

How do we get started?

Once we agree we’re going to work together, we’ll set up an initial meeting to establish the foundation of our coaching relationship. This generally takes about two hours.

I’ll send you some materials beforehand that act as an agenda for the meeting. Much of this packet is questions about you and what you’d like to accomplish from the coaching. The rest is about me, my coaching style, and what you can expect.

What we learn about each other during this session lays the foundation for all our future coaching activity.

I generally ask you for a three month coaching commitment. If your needs are more short-term or related to specific project, we can work out an alternate agreement.


My standard fees are $700 USD per month, depending on our meeting schedule and other arrangements. The initial two-hour meeting is $350.

I’m happy to negotiate a group rate if I have several clients from the same organization. Please talk with me about specifics if this applies to you and your situation.

I reserve several spots on my schedule for clients who are not able to pay the full standard fee. If you think this might apply to your situation, please ask.

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